Distance Check List

Everyone is looking for more distance. Distance is always on the front pages of golf media and most likely always will be. At the minute it is Bryson Dechambeau who is centre of attention with his new approach to his own game.   Over the years there has been a lot of contradictory information on […]

How to lift the lead heel for distance

There is a lot of talk in the golfing world at the minute about lifting the lead heel to create more length in the swing and therefore more club head speed. There are so many benefits to doing this. One of which is the fact that it will help transition in the down swing. Getting […]

How do you practice?

What is practice and what should it look like? Ultimately the aim of practice is to improve at something, to ingrain a new pattern or ingrain a current pattern deeper into the sub-conscious creating more confidence going into a competitive environment. Your end goal is to be able to execute under the gun with trust […]

The Importance of having good posture

One of the biggest faults I see in the amateur game is poor posture. The way a golfer sets up to the ball will play a huge role in how the body moves throughout the golf swing. The most common faults I see are players positioning too much pressure into the toes and back in […]